Download Social Media Do’s & Dont’s

Developing and representing your brand effectively on social media is one of the most important tasks to think about when jumping into social media marketing. By doing so, you bring brand awareness and cohesiveness to your audience to build familiarity and trust.

Representing your brand on social media is fairly simple as long as your business has

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it’s ideals and image secured. On multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you’re able to upload cover photos. It’s important to use the same concept of design in each cover photo for brand cohesiveness. Though some dimension variations of the photos will have to be taken into consideration due to the sizing limitations of each network, having the same graphic concept will help people remember your brand. It’s “Social Branding.” Make sure your logos are consistent across the profiles, as well.

We’ve created a PDF download of our Top Social Media Do’s & Dont’s to help you business succeed. Fill out the form below to get the amazing tips!

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Online Marketing Jargon 101

As with any industry, there are times when specific terminology is used to help communicate ideas and concepts in the most accurate way possible – and online marketing isn’t any different!

Visits – This is the number of times a website was frequented. It does not take into account repeat visits, so if John Doe visits your website 10 times, this will be counted as 10 visits. Visitors will tell you the number of people that visited your site.

Page Views – This will tell you have many pages on your site were looked at during any given period. It’s different from visits, because visits tracks the overall visit no matter how many pages a person looks at. On the other hand, page views give you a more accurate perspective of how many pages each person is visiting as well as which pages are most popular.

Call-to-Action (CTA) – A Call-To-Action can be a multiple of elements on a website. The most common though is some sort of visual affordance or in simpler terms – a button. Either a button or big text that say’s ‘Call Now’, or ‘Sign Up Now’. Any visual element that commands the user to take action would be considered a Call-to-Action. Having CTA’s on your website is vital to getting visitors to take the action you want them to take. CTA’s stand out from the other content to drive the eye towards a specific place on a web page in order to command the attention of the visitor.

Conversion Form – A Conversion Form is simply a form on your site that allows people to take further action by signing up for an newsletter,

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requesting a consultation, requesting a free chapter or report. For instance, a complimentary workbook to go with your book will draw in more people than a request to sign up.

Autoresponder – When someone signs up via a Conversion Form on your website, you don’t want to just send them to a thank you page and be done with it. You need to keep the user engaged. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up an Autoresponder Sequence , which is just a series of emails with useful information that you send to subscribers. For instance, if someone has requested a free chapter of your book, the first email in the sequence would send them the link to download the chapter. The next might tell them how to connect with you on social media. A well-spaced sequence will keep users from forgetting about you.

Landing page The landing page is just the first page on your site that a visitor sees. For instance, if you link to your blog on social media, then that blog is the landing page for people who click on the link. Also, during online marketing campaigns you can create landing pages which are specific for the campaign itself, such as a lead capture page where visitors have to register for an event or promotion.

Bounce rate. The bounce rate tells you how many people left your site after looking at the landing page. It’s normal to lose a sizeable percentage of people on that first page (50% is generally considered the average bounce rate), but a bounce rate that’s too high says that your content isn’t connecting with users, and that’s costing you clients.

Referrers. These show you where your traffic is coming from, and can including search engines (from paid or natural search), or any place you promote your content (such as on your social media profiles).

Keywords. The keywords you see in your report tell you what words people are searching for that brings them to your site. They can be pretty straightforward (i.e. “real estate in orlando”), or, increasingly, they’re longer and more conversational (i.e. “what’s the best orlando marketing agency”). The latter type is called a “long-tail” keyword.

Stay tuned as we reveal more internet terms that you need to know!

3 Common Social Media Myths

There’s a lot of chatter about how to “do” social media correctly, some of which is accurate while others being complete myths. Let’s take a quick look at some social media myths that you need to be conscious of!

One of the most common myths is that purchasing followers will help you, when in fact, it will only hinder your social media presence. Not only does is just look bad when you have 2,000 followers with no retweets or favorites on a regular basis, but, when it comes to Facebook, it will actually decrease the number of people who see your posts.

What causes the major increase in likes but not engagement? It’s simple. Most of the people that offer all these new followers are just creating quick, fake accounts with a new email address and then never do anything with them ever again. So these new “followers” aren’t real people, and they won’t become real clients.

Another common social media myth is that you need to be on every social media account in order for your social media marketing to have a real impact. Just like in the situation above, more isn’t necessarily better here either.

If you don’t have the time to devote to multiple social media platforms, your attention is going to be lacking somewhere. Then you risk visitors finding your half-done or inactive social media accounts when using search engines to find you.

It’s a better strategy to first identify your target market and which social media platforms they use. Then prioritize which platforms you’ll use based on how much time you can truly devote to improving your social media presence. You can always add more profiles as more time (or help!) becomes available.

A third common myth is that businesses believe there is a direct coalition between increase in followers/engagement and increase in sales. However, real growth when building an audience takes time. How much time? Well, that will depend on your type of business, your goals, your target audience, and the amount

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of time you’re devoting to your social media presence. But, just keep in mind, even if you work on your social media all day and spend quite a lot of money on promoted posts, you’re not going to go from 0 to 1,000 followers overnight!

Social Media is about being true to yourself and your brand. It’s just like networking in the real world, but hosted online – so nurture it, cherish it and have fun with it!

4 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On Instagram

Behold, a beautiful selfie with an earlybird filter topped off with “#live.”  That’s what comes to mind when the majority of people think about Instagram, the dominating mobile social network which was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion last year.  While you can be sure to find selfies, food pics, and anything else under the sun – major brands have adopted this platform as a way to showcase their products and services to the masses.  If successful global brands such as GQ, Apple and Google can do it, so can you!  Let’s take a look at four reasons why your brand will benefit from the social app.

1.  It’s Free Marketing.  Yes, you don’t pay a cent (except your phone bill) to use Instagram.  The social network is a mobile device only network supported by Apple, Android, and Windows Phone.  Just download the app, create an account for your brand, and you’re off!

2.  Visual Content.  Recent studies show that consumers are drawn more to visual content as opposed to reading text.  Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where the majority of posting is text heavy with pictures to supplement, Instagram is all about the picture.  So make sure you take your time and create the most stunning photos to the post – they’ll increase your ROI on the network!

3.  It’s Easy To Go Viral.  Like Twitter, Instagram is is built on the easy system of followers, following, posts, and searching by hashtags.  If you understand Twitter, Instagram will be a piece of cake.  For your photos to be found, you need to make sure you’re using popular and relevant hashtags on the post, it’s the quick way to continuously build a following!

4.  Everyone Is Using It.  While people still think Facebook and Twitter and the most popular and beneficial social networks to use, it the last year, the numbers on Instagram have skyrocketed.  No matter your industry, there is someone on Instagram who will benefit from what you’re posting and sharing.  You can also post your photos to instagram, and directly share on to Facebook and Twitter to tie them altogether.  Now that’s smart social media marketing!

In the end, social media is what you make of it.  Instagram is the perfect place if you’re able to provide quality visual content, so why not give it a go?

Don’t Let Your Customers Slip Away!

We’ve all been there one time or another, the prospect of something (or someone) hopeful, only to be left in the dust.  It’s just an occurring event that happens to the best of us.  But did you know that the same type of issue can happen online in your marketing efforts? While we may not be able to control what happens between John and Jane in their personal life, there are steps we can take to reduce customer abandonment online!

You may have a fantastic website with all the bells and whistles, and all the information one could need to know about you.  Your Google Analytics showing your website traffic is up, yet you haven’t landed one lead.  What’s going on?  Have you ever heard of lead capture pages?  If not, listen up.

A lead capture page is a form on your website where a person must fill in some set of required information (such as name and email) to receive further information from you.  This way, you now have their contact information to add to your email marketing lists!  The most common area to find of these is in the “Contact Us” portion of the website, so it doesn’t feel intrusive for the customer to submit their information.  Now, you may be asking “Where does all this information go?”  Well, there’s a thing called Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM for short.  And it doesn’t exactly what the name says – it helps you manage your customer’s contact information for emails, autoresponders, campaigns, etc.  If you don’t currently use one, look into it!

With your CRM, you’re able to set up many features such as capture pages, email campaigns, shopping carts, etc.  First, you want to create a “Call To Action” or CTA for short – this can be as simple as “Click Here To Learn More!” though we advise to be more creative and match the tone of your company.  This could lead to the capture page, where the person will enter their information where it will be stored in your CRM.  From this, you’re email list will build and you’ll be able to include this new customer in your email marketing efforts!  It’s confusing at first, but the simplicity of it is outstanding. Once it’s in place, you’ll be able to sit back and let the system do the work for you!

There are various CRMs out there, so make sure to do your research and compare the features offered to make sure you’re getting the best one for your business!


PPC vs Organic? Which Provides the Best Results?

Social engagement and advertising have always fallen into two categories that you as a marketer should be aware of, Paid and Organic. Both have pros and cons to their tactics but ultimately, the goal is to increase the engagement on your social network. Let’s start by explaining these two categories:

Organic is exactly what it sounds like. Organic engagement is the natural progression of likes, posts, follows, and

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any other social metric that occurs by you simply posting content, and seeing what happens.

Paid is where you spend a little money to bring your content to people. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. For example, you set up a PPC campaign on Facebook with a max budget of $25. Facebook will “sponsor” the post or page to show up in people’s newsfeeds that like similar interests. Then each time a person clicks on the post, a little bit of money is deducted from your budget, until either you stop the campaign or your budget runs out. You are literally paying per click.

Both of these tactics work when done properly. Though in recent months, Facebook has devalued organic reach and promoted the use of PPC to help pages engage their audience.

Here are three reasons why PPC can be beneficial:

1 – Even on a small budget, PPC can still work wonders and let you reach a larger audience!

2 – By using social media, and sponsored posts with PPC, your brand’s visibility increase! You’re able to select your target audience within the campaign to ensure your brand is shown to the right demographics!

3 – PPC can help new pages launch quickly and efficiently!

Now we don’t suggest using PPC on every post on Facebook, but important events, news, and business highlights would thrive on a boost. Think of it this way, use PPC to bring in your followers, and use organic posts to keep them.

Happy Clicking!

Orlando Based Agency, POLR Marketing, Announced As Bronze Level Sponsor for One Magical Weekend 2014

POLR Marketing has signed to sponsor One Magical Weekend, an annual event hosted on Walt Disney World property in Orlando.

ORLANDO, Fla. – May 13, 2014 – It was recently announced that POLR Marketing, an orlando based online marketing agency had been accepted as a sponsor for One Magical Weekend, a major LGBT event, hosted annually. One Magical Weekend consists of three phenomenal parties including RipTide at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, WE Party: Vogue at Epcot, and E-Tea Dance at Epcot. For becoming a bronze level sponsor, POLR Marketing received a multitude of incentives including logo placement on One Magical Weekend’s website, brand name logo appearing on 150,000 bar cards in prominent gay markets, logo placed on banners at Pride events throughout the country, and more.

President of POLR Marketing, Ben Laube said, “We’re so proud to be sponsoring such a fun and culturally meaningful event this year! Everyone within the LGBT community knows of One Magical Weekend and it feels great to be included in this legacy that the One Magical Weekend team has created.”

For more information on One Magical Weekend, please visit

About POLR Marketing

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POLR Marketing, an Orlando-based SEO and content marketing company, offers a variety of digital marketing services to help enhance businesses and their Internet presence. Through the use of content writing, pay-per-click, ethical SEO practices, web design & development and graphic design, POLR Marketing offers the services you need to help grow your business.

Founded in May 2012 by Ben Laube, POLR was created to help small businesses achieve their goals by developing new online marketing strategies. POLR Marketing believes in empowering the community by being involved with multiple nonprofits and helping them promote their events.

To learn more about POLR Marketing, visit or call POLR Marketing at (407) 712-4836.

4 Google Tools Your Business Should Be Using

If you’re looking to get on Google’s good side, there are a few tools you should be using to help your presence in the search engine! Google created these tools because they actually want you to succeed (I know, right?), and it’s important to use these tools help your marketing plan, and to drive your site further!

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools allows you to optimize your website’s visibility. It offers tools that lets webmasters submit a sitemap, get a list of your site’s

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broken links, show how Google crawls your website, identify top search queries that drive traffic to your site, along with any links to your site. If there is any malware embedded into your site, and if your site is being penalized when it comes to SEO, Webmaster tools will also let you know!

Google Analytics

Not only does Google Analytics track your visits, but it also gives you details on how much time visitors are spending on your website, which pages are being visited more than others, referrers to your website, pay-per-click networks, and much more! Keeping track of your website’s performance is essential in knowing what’s working and what’s not working. Analytics also shows you what keywords potential customers are using to reach your site. If there’s one tool you choose to use – CHOOSE GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

Google Keyword Tool

One of the best ways to get keyword ideas for your website and your blog content is Google’s keyword tool. It helps identify which search terms your audience identifies with by giving details about the search volume surrounding the keywords you’ve typed in. It also gives you recommendations on similar keywords that would be likely drive traffic to your website.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking site that can help increase your web presence by connecting with friends, family, and users with similar interests. It’s an extremely important platform to market your business, and since it’s Google’s baby, frequently posting and engaging can help your reputation with them.

These tools can help you gather the information you need to better market to your audience!

The Philosophy Behind POLR

There are a multitude of companies and organizations in the industry that do identical work, so who do you choose to work with? Well, behind the work is the heart of the company – why they do what they do.

Here at POLR Marketing, we have built the company around several core values that drive us in our passion to help others rise to the top. Today, we wanted to share with you our philosophies that drive us to succeed!

1. Team. We realize that the success of your company and our company relies on each and every person involved. No one is more or less important than another. As they say, a team is no better than their weakest link. This is why we strive to help each person achieve their full potential, both internally and externally with our partners.

2. Partners. At POLR Marketing, we

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don’t view our clients as a traditional “client.” We see everything working relationships as a partnership, both parties providing qualities and benefits to the work. With this mentality, we hold POLR and our partners on an equal and fair playing ground.

3. Growth & Technology. We don’t believe in reaching a certain level, and maintaining the results, even if they’re the desired outcome. We believe in always growing and surpassing goals, to take each partner to the next level. Our team is always learning and watching industry trends for new and exciting technologies that can help each partner in a unique way to give them the edge over the competition.

In short, our “why we do what we do?” is simple. Helping others succeed.


We’re Hiring – Web Developer

POLR is different. We are a growth marketing company located in Orlando Fl. We are a new-ish startup and have now just moved into offices within the Chase Building (The Plaza) in downtown Orlando. We have an array of clients across different industries and focus on providing a holistic marketing approach since marketing affects all aspects of business. Through our marketing consulting we produce websites, graphics (online media), manage and monitor social media networks, and paid-per-click advertising. We believe in educating our clients, transparency in what we do, and above all helping others succeed through technology.

Here’s What We’d Like to See

What You’ll Do

  • You’ll work on our small team to help build application and websites for POLR’s Partners (clients)

  • Create, test, maintain new and existing Partner projects & applications

  • Maintain progress to make sure deadlines are hit and goals are achieved.

  • Search for opportunities to make system improvements and create team efficiency.

Specific Tools We Use

Knowing these is a plus, but not a problem if you don’t and can learn quickly

  • WordPress/PHP/MySQL/MAMP Pro

  • Adobe CC

  • Git

  • Boostrap


  • NodeJs (soon to come)

  • Asana

About This Position

  • This position is full-time and ideally on-site in our Orlando office (we just moved to a new office inside the Chase Plaza Building in downtown 159 S Orange Ave).

  • Competitive compensation package including benefits (downtown parking + dental + vision) available

  • Regular company events and Partner events

  • Flexible schedule / hours

  • Flexible vacation time

How To Apply

  • We’d love to see samples of your work (github or links to recent work). Pick a project that you think best showcases your work and describe your development approach and design decisions.

  • Link to a blog post or article you’ve written talking about development topic, code technique or something you’re working through.

  • Send your information to along with anything else you’d like to include that shows the real you.

  • Send us the results of your personality test

  • Surprise us with something.